You've been defrosting your chuletas all wrong!

defrost meatThere are few things more annoying than coming home to cook dinner, only to realize that you totally forgot to transfer your meat from the freezer to the fridge before heading out to work. Ugh, isn't that just the worse? When this happens, you're usually stuck having to decide between three sucky choices: nuke the carne in the microwave and risk overcooking it. Let it defrost in the sink and eat a delicious home-cooked meal…at midnight. Or just cry salty tears into the bowl of cereal you've been forced to eat for dinner. But no more. I recently found out there's a quick, microwave-free way to defrost nearly anything, and it only takes FIVE MINUTES! Yaasss!


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I'm not lying when I tell you that I literally did a little happy dance upon discovering this meal-saving hack. It's so easy, and it requires very little equipment. All you'll need to pull this off are a couple of metal pots, whatever carne (or frozen item) you wish to defrost, and a few minutes of your precious time.

So first thing's first: Flip one of your metal pots upside down and place the meat on top. Then fill the other with water and place it on top of the meat. Now wait five to ten minutes (depending on the size and thickness of your carne) and, voila! Your meat should be defrosted and ready to cook. How cool is that? It's like magic. Kinda. It's actually just really cool science.

You see, metal is an excellent conductor of ambient heat, so when you press a piece of meat between two pieces of heat-conducting metal, pressurized by the weight of the water, you get an electricity-free, totally green homemade microwave. And because the metal pots are only sourcing heat from the air around 'em, they can only heat your carne to room temperature. You know what that means: no more overcooked, over-nuked meat. Oh, I'm geekgasming over here! This is so cool.

I'm give this a whirl tonight. I left tonight's dinner in the freezer on purpose. My boyfriend's not too thrilled. He thinks we'll be having popcorn for dinner. I can't wait to prove him wrong. What's your take? Do you think this'll work? Try it out tonight and get back to me with your results.

While the video doesn't exist anymore, check out this article that managed to catch some good shots of the meat defrosting hack in action!

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