10 Signs you don't know NADA about Mexican food​

signs you don't know what real Mexican food isI've never really come across anyone who doesn't like Mexican food. Everyone seems to love Mexican cuisine and I don't blame them, it's delicious. I was raised on it and will never EVER tire of it. The thing is that some people who claim to LOVE Mexican food don't really know what they are talking about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a food snob, I can get my crunch on at your local fast food joint with a chihuahua as a mascot, but there is a difference between Mexican-ish or Mexican-inspired food and REAL Mexican food.


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So how can you tell if you don't know jack about Mexican food? Well, there are giveaways my friend. Here are 10 signs that you don't know what REAL Mexican food is:

1. The thought of putting chile and lime on your fruit freaks you out.

2. Your idea of good Mexican food is: the bigger the burrito the better.

3. You've never had an honest to goodness taco. The kind that is made with two really small corn tortillas that leave no room for all the fixings you are used to. Yes, two tiny tortillas piled with carne asada, carnitas or something else incredibe.

4. The only salsa you've ever had comes out of bottles or squeeze packets.

5. Your favorite guacamole is made with TONS of mayonaise.

6. You never ever eat corn tortillas.

7. Your favorite "authentic" Mexican restaurant never has an Mexican patrons eating there. They are all across the street at that hole in the wall you've never been to.

8. You get confused when people say they use menudo for a hangover. You're not into Menudo, but that's just because you don't understand their songs in Spanish.

9. Someone serves you a tostada and you ask why your taco is flat.

10. You ask your waiter if carne asada is chicken or beef.

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