Pan dulce hamburger: A Mexican American dream or nightmare?

pan dulce hamburgerThere I was minding everyone else's business on Facebook when I come across an edible creation the likes of which I have never seen before. It looks like pan dulce, but it looks like a hamburger too. I rub my eyes and look at the screen again and sure enough there is a burger inside of a perfectly good concha. Somewhere someone invented the pan dulce hamburger and I don't know whether to be ecstatic or horrified, but my bicultural American-Mexican self is extremely excited. Where can I get my hands on one, I think? I really want to try it.


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Well, the picture of the pan dulce burger on Facebook was posted by Desmadre with the caption, "PAN DULCE BURGER. Concha, bacon, goat cheese, meat party, strawberry jam. #AyDiosMio." #AyDiosMio indeed! Dedsmadre's picture left me wanting more information. I did a quick online search for "pan dulce hamburger" and "hamburger made with pan dulce" and found nothing. Then I decided to to to see if I could find the mythical hamburguesa on  Instagram and EUREKA! The same photo from Facebook was on Instagram, but this time it had a location on it: Faust Tavern!

Faust Tavern is in Texas, nowhere near my California home. ARGH! Still, I went to their Facebook page and saw a picture of one of their menus offering the pan dulce burger for just $8. Only $8 dollars for the melding of my Mexican heritage and my American born tastes. It could be heaven or it could be hell (sung to the tune of an Eagles song), no?

I posted on Faust Tavern's Facebook wall, "Someone tell me about the pan dulce burger please! Is it heaven or hell or a little bit of both? I am beyond intrigued." The answer I got was from Faust Tavern saying, "It's heaven! Come on down and try it with a side of tater tots." Oh, how I wish I could, but it's just a tad too far to go for the burger of my bicultural dreams.

So amigas, if any of you are near Faust Tavern in San Antonio, Texas, could you head on over and try one of the pan dulce burgers for me? I'd love to hear what you think!

Image via desmadredotcom/Instagram

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