Halloween recipesIt's that time of the year when parents delight in scaring their kids. Not enough to traumatize them or anything, but just enough to get them into the whole spirit of Halloween and all. A great way to do that other than with costumes and decorations is through food. You can put together an entire spread of dishes both savory and sweet that will make children of all ages cringe before taking a bite.

I took the liberty of putting together a wicked collection of spooky Halloween recipes  for you and yours. These frightful delights are not to be missed.

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I'm cracking up at myself because as I was putting together this roundup of terrifying treats, I actually got scared by some of them. Click throught he slideshow to see what I mean:

Image via Thinkstock

Sloppy worm sandwiches 1

Tell me that little boys and little girls fascinated with creepy crawly creatures won't go crazy for these sloppy worm sandwiches! Eww and yum at the same time.

Get the full recipe directions at La Cocina de Leslie.


Pumpkin spider cupcakes 2

I never thought that spiders on webs would look delicious. What's awesome about these cupcakes other than what you can see in this picture is that they have a sweet delicious surprise in the middle.

Get the full recipe directions from The Sweetest Kitchen.


Monster toe pizza sticks 3

Monster toe pizza sticks

Image via Mamá Latina Tips

These monster toes are gruesome looking, but good enough to eat! I love that they have bell pepper worms on them. Too funny.

Get the full recipe directions at Mamá Latina Tips.

Dulce de leche cupcake balls & Halloween brownie pops 4

Dulce de leche cupcake balls & Halloween brownie pops

Image via Pin Cookie

These cuties are cupcakes and brownies on a stick. I'm telling you if you put anything on a stick, your kid is gonna love it. These are great for parties instead of cake because no cutting necessary.

Get the full recipe directions from Pin Cookie.


Mexican poutine smashers 5

Mexican poutine smashers

Image via presleyspantry/YouTube

These papas as smashing and so is the video recipe for them below.


Bat cookies 6

These cookies are worthy of Batman himself. I'm sure your little bat-lovers will go batty for them.

Get the full recipe directions from Martha Stewart Living.


Meat head 7

This meat head is possibly the scariest edible Halloween offering I have ever seen. It's terrifyng, right? But put some of that meet on a slice of bread with some condiments and call him dinner if you're hungry.

Get the full recipe instructions at Ruffles and Truffles.

Halloween chocolate coated truffles 8

These chocolate coated dulce de leche truffle balls aren't really spooky, but they are scary good and I can imagine you could use some creativity to make them look like spiders or bats or something appropriate if you really want to. 

Get the full recipe directions from Bobbie's Baking Blog.


Caramel apples 9

Caramel apples

Image via Recipe Goldmine

I think that dulce de leche and apples are the perfect combo. I'd love to see you dressed up as a witch and handing these out to the children in your life followed by an evil laugh.

Get the full recipe directions from Recipe Goldmine.

Frankenpops 10


Image via YouTube

Grab a bag of marshmallows and get ready to turn your kitchen into a laboratory for creating these frightful Frankenpops!

Get the full recipe directions at PBS Parents.


Skull sugar cubes 11

Skull sugar cubes

Image via Nibbles and Feasts

I love the idea of having these skull sugar cubes out on a table for parents to sweeten their caffeinated drinks with while their children run around on a sugar high.

Get the full recipe directions at Nibbles and Feasts.