Our families celebrate their culture like nobody else, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month! We are bold, adventurous and full of family love. So, Mountain Dew and DORITOS Tortilla Chips gave our Moms a challenge to share family selfies depicting the bold ways in which they celebrate their Hispanic Heritage, and here's how they responded. Check out the slideshow below and feel their Latin pride.

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#1 1


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My oldest son who's 11 years old and me.


#2 2


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My 5 year old son, my husband and me...


#3 3


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With my daughter Angie and my son Neithan!

#4 4


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My kids with their dad!


#5 5


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My handsome son and me.


#6 6


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Like every Sunday, leaving church mass with my family and ready to eat: me, my husband Héctor, my little one Eric, my little one Daisy and mi oldest Diego. That's how I celebrate my Hispanic Heritage. #Familyselfie


#7 7


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Here are my 2 daughters, my loving husband and me...they are my pride.