Most parents limit giving candy to their kids to avoid cavities and prevent them from bouncing off the walls, but there is another reason to track their treats. The truth is that there are also plenty of inappropriate treats being marketed to young ones these days. From penis-shaped gummies to candies that resemble the blue stuff in Breaking Bad, there is a bigger and bigger market for dulces relating to sex and drugs. With trick-or-treating coming up, what are some of the worst candies you should watch out for?  

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As long as you are aware of what's out there, you can help make sure your kid avoids the bad stuff! Here are the eight worst and most disgusting candies out there for children. Beware! 

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Meth candy 1

Meth candy

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A candy shop in Albuquerque got inspired by the hit show Breaking Bad and started cooking up rock candies that resemble meth. Kids have been caught with the candies in school and suspended. The store's owner Debbie Hall claims that she doesn't sell it to children and the candy is only used as a prop. This story is starting to give us a toothache... 


Penis-shaped candy 2

Penis-shaped candy

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Omg International Penis Gummies are the makers of these sexually explicit treats. I'm sorry, but you have to be a major dick to sell or serve these to children! The X-rated candy has reportedly been taken off store shelves, but are still available online.  


Candy cigarettes 3

Candy cigarettes

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These candy cigarettes were super popular in the 80's and now there is evidence that the candy company worked with cigarette companies to help promote the cancer sticks to kids. Now the makers are no longer allowed to name the cigarette candies after real brands. Jeez, that sure helps...

Boob cookie sandwiches 4

Boob cookie sandwiches

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These boob cookies are meant for adults to take a bite of the wild side. Kids should just close their eyes to these rated R treats and never sample them--ever! 


Marijuana ring pops 5

Marijuana ring pops

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I remember when ring pops were used as fake engagement rings. Times have changed. A new candy dubbed the "ring pots" pays homage to potheads and are $1.50 a pop. No thanks. If this is what the cool kids are doing I would just stay far away.   


X-Pop ice cream 6

X-Pop ice cream

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These penis-shaped pops conveniently resemble a diseased private part with red bumps at the top and a creamy filling in the center. Yuck! The Swedish makers of the pops claim that it is shaped like a rocket and is totally innocent. You be the judge. 


Candy cigars 7

Candy cigars

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Future Cohiba lovers should just stay away from these candy cigars. They are popular for baby announcements and come in chocolate or candy flavors. Similar to the cigarette candies, they glorify smoking to younger consumers. 

Penis hard candy 8

Penis hard candy

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Nope, they don't just come in gummy form! There are also penis hard candies out there. I feel dirty even thinking about puns for this...