WATCH: Genius trick for making your blender clean itself!

How to clean a blenderAs far as I'm concerned, a blender is a staple in any kitchen. They are just so dang useful for so many things. And kitchen gadget whims may come and go, but blenders are here to stay. There is one really annoying thing about them though and that's the clean up. I hate it, always have and until this morning I would have said, always will, but that is no longer the case. My mind has been blown by the easiest way to clean a blender and I can't friggin' believe I hadn't thought of this myself. Seriously, I could slap myself for being such a tonta. And if you aren't already doing this to clean your blender you are going to want to slap yourself silly too.


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Okay, here's what I don't like about cleaning a blender. It's awkward and you have to be careful. If you are using a sponge and try to get your hand all the way in to clean the bottom of the blender then you risk cutting yourself on the very sharp blades. If you decide to disassemble the whole thing, then you still l have to be careful because those blades are no joke.

The beauty of this trick is that it uses your very same blender to clean itself. Let's say you make a batido. You pour all that yumminess you just made out of your blender, then immediately fill the blender with hot water add about two drops of dish soap, cover it, turn it on and once it has blended itself clean, you pour out the water, give it a rinse and you are done!

Check out this video that shows you the trick in action!

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