Avocado toasts are the hottest new breakfast food

What's not to love about avocados? They are rich, buttery and super good for you (not to mention they contain vitamins that help blast belly fat!). No wonder the delectable veggie has become a staple in traditional Latin lunch and dinner meals. Bueno, now celebs and healthy foodies are adding avocado to their breakfast menus and the reason the masses are drawn to avocado may surprise you. 


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Many are opting to skip the eggs and French toast in favor of sliced avocado on whole grain bread. Sprinkle some olive oil and sea salt and breakfast is served. Nutrionist Lisa Goldberg told ABC News:

I love it for breakfast because avocado has protein and healthy monounsaturated fat, and it's also high in fiber so combined with the Ezekial toast it keeps me full for a good 3-4 hours. Plus it's high in other nutrients like Vitamins B, C, E, K and potassium.

I'm not sure about it keeping me full for that long, but it is a healthy option compared to a donut or breakfast pastry. 

In Gwenyth Paltrow's cookbook, It's All Good, the Hollywood actress inked an avocado and toast recipe that she described as satisfying as "a favorite pair of jeans." I love how the second a celebrity endorses a diet or food it all of a sudden gain popularity.

Latinos have been enjoying the wonderfulness of avocados for centuries! Originating from Mexico and Central America, the first avocado plant was reportedly found in the pre-Incan city of Chan Chan. Now recipes for avocado toast have grown popularity on Google with increases of the search term by thirty one percent.

It is nice to see the general market enjoying avocado just as much as we do. As long as I am still able to find them for the same price at my local market, then we're good to go. Next time we enjoy our morning café con leche, we will have to grab the toast and avocado to make it a real breakfast of champions. I'm all for it.  

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