RECALL! Chicken nuggets could make your kids sick

chicken nuggetsMami, stop what you are doing right now and run to the kitchen! Open the freezer and make sure you don't have a box of Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets in there. If you do, don't feed your child! Perdue just recalled 15,300 pounds of the kids' favorite meal because they are contaminated with pieces of plastic!


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This recall is very scary because we are talking about plastic in a product that our kids know and love. We know that plastic is very dangerous when heated at high temperatures and you really have to nuke those frozen nuggets to cook them. Also, it seems to me that if the plastic pieces are big enough for the kids and parents to actually notice they were there, the risk of choking could be there. So be careful!

The boxes in question don't expire until February 2015 and they are 8-ounce boxes with establishment number P2617. With such a long life, I'm betting there are tons out there in many moms' freezers. The crazy thing is that the company didn't even know they had a problem until they received phone calls from parents around the country complaining about the plastic in the chicken. Where does the plastic come from? My fear is that if the pieces got into the chicken nuggets they may be in other products as well.

I'm shocked that actual pieces of plastic could be found in these products we feed our kids and rely on. Fortunately, there have been no reports of serious illnesses from the kids who eat the nuggets, but toss them just to be on the safe side.

If you have this product in your home, contact immediately Perdue's consumer relations specialist Gerry Clarkson at 1-800-587-5858.

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