8 Surprising benefits of bananas

Beneficios de la banana
Bananas aren't just for smoothies! Oh no, this delicious fruit holds a ton of secrets that can literally change your life. I know you're not going to believe some of the surprising benefits of this common fruit--read on!

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Even though many health conscious buffs dislike the banana because of its high sugar content, a banana a day can keep your body and your looks in great shape because it's full of antioxidants and valuable vitamins. They're quite literally a great way to stay beaufiul and healthy without spending a forturne.

Check out the eight most surprising benefits that bananas have to offer.

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Soe Kabbabe is a writer, journalist, a beauty editor, a wife and a mom... sometimes all at once. She's also the founder of Mamá Beauté, the first online beauty magazine for moms in Spanish. Proud Venezuelan living in New York.

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Add Comment Did you know any of these benefits? Do you know of others?

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