The summer is the perfect season to take advantage of hydrating fruits and vegetables. One of them being the cucumber. The cucumber is delicious on its own, with a dip or in addition to your meals. Just biting into one feels refreshing as you savor the crunch and flavor that it's only natural to want to eat it in different ways.

There are some excellent ways out there to add cucumber to your diet that you probably haven't even tried yet and should! 


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Besides tasting delicious, cucumber does offer many health benefits. It helps keep you hydrated--as it is made up of 95 percent water, it's rich in potassium, antioxidants, and is a natural diuretic.It's also great for weight loss and banishing bloating!

If you're bored of eating cucumbers the same old way or you aren't sure how to eat them, then you're going to appreciate this. I've compiled a list of yummy and new ways to add cucumbers to your diet in case you've been looking to experiment.

Bon appetit!

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