WATCH: This easy potato peeling trick will change your life

peeling potatoesIf you've made any potato dish then you know what a hassle it is to peel one alone. I can't blame moms who buy pre-made mashed potatoes because the peeling process is so time consuming. However, one guy found a SUPER easy and unique way to peel a bunch of potatoes that will blow your mind.



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The man in the video shows us how to peel an entire bag of potatoes in under 60 seconds. This might sound like there's a catch to it, but there isn't! If you want to follow his method, all you need is a power hose, a bucket, drill, a clean toilet bowl brush, and a backyard.

The man adds a bag of potatoes into a bucket and attaches the end of the toilet brush to a drill. He then turns on the hose, fills the bucket with water, and keeps it going as he uses the other hand with the drill to peel the potatoes. Just like that in less than a minute, he comes out with perfectly peeled potatoes.

I can't even think of an easier method than that! At least now you have a new way to cut your potato peeling time in half in the kitchen. To watch the peeling in action, check out the video below!


Image via Thinkstock

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