Finding a bug or a foreign object in your food is gross to begin with, but an entire dead rat? NOT OKAY. Unfortunately this is what happened to a New York City man who was simply trying to have a lunch after buying a wrap from local salad chain, Chop't.

The incident unfolded at their Financial District store location and the photographic evidence depicting what happened is seriously disturbing.

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The unnamed man reportedly bought a wrap for lunch time but realized something seemed off about his meal after taking a bite. When he looked down he saw a dead rodent staring back at him between the lettuce and tomatoes of his wrap.

ratHe bit into it not knowing there was a gross rat inside! Although the man is unidentified, his colleague, Steve Henderson, took a picture of the abomination and posted it on his Twitter page for the world to see. The image went viral, but the picture has since then been taken down from Henderson's page. 

Upon looking at the latest Health Department report, the Chop't location the man purchased the wrap from had a grade "A" rating. I learned you can't trust those rating at all after that rat was spotted hanging out in the donut shelves at an "A" rated Dunkin Donuts store. The store's founder reportedly shut down the shop for a thorough cleaning after reports of the rat and said he would reach out once they were done.

Even though the victim hasn't stepped forward, Chop't left this statement on their website:  "Although none of the inspections at this location indicated any problems, we immediately took action. Those actions included closing the location temporarily in an abundance of caution in order to conduct a thorough inspection of the entire facility. Also, we have requested an inspection by the NYC Department of Health tomorrow morning in preparation for our reopening."

Someone needs to do further investigating. Hopefully this man got checked at a hospital afterwards to make sure he is okay. Unfortunately this isn't the worst thing a person has found in their food. Check outsome other horror stories below. --Additional reporting by Claudya Martinez

Images via Corbis Images, Dlberes/ Twitter

Bolt in burger 1

Bolt in burger

Image via KOB4

A woman in Albuquerque, New Mexico ordered a burger at Applebee's and when it came to the table she bit into a rather large bolt that was embedded in the meat. I would have bolted after that. And no, the bolt did not come with a side of nuts.


Silverfish bug in sancocho 2

Silverfish bug in sancocho

Image via WPIX 11

I nearly had a heart attack when I heard about yet ANOTHER eatery with tainted with vermin. This time in Queens, New York, Natalie Estrella, a customer at Mi Mundo restaurant found a GIANT silverfish bug floating in her sancocho.


Lizard in salad 3

Lizard in salad

Image via PIX 11

Robin Sandusky found an unwanted reptile in her kale salad from Guy & Gallard. What she thought was a piece of asparagus was unfortunately a piece of a lizard! Yuck!

Dead scorpion in powdered baby formula 4

Dead scorpion in powdered baby formula

Image via Thinkstock

Caroline Black freaked out when she found a dead scorpion in her baby's powdered baby formula. She immediately contacted the company who claimed they thought it was burnt powder and NOT a scorpion. Unbelievable!


Snake head in green beans 5

Snake head in green beans

Image via Fox 12

Misty Moser was preparing dinner for her family when a snake head popped up from her bag of frozen green beans. She was not happy with the company's response which was to give her a coupon, when her kids could have gotten sick from it.


Spiders in bananas 6

Spiders in bananas

Image via Thinkstock

Consi Taylor bought bananas when she went grocery shopping and didn't expect to get the shock of a lifetime. As she was eating the fruit, a giant deadly Brazilian spider appeared crawling on it and there were also unhatched eggs. Ew!


Spiders on grapes 7

Spiders on grapes

Image via Thinkstock

Yvonne Whalen was washing red grapes when she found something slimy and learned it was spider web. Along with it was a deadly black widow spider crawling on the grapes!

Crickets in burgers 8

Crickets in burgers

Image via AntojeriaNYC/Twitter

From all of these on the list, this one is actually done on purpose. A restaurant in downtown Manhattan offers "Grass-whoppers" which contain queso Chihuahua, chipotle mayo, heirloom tomatoes, onion, and romaine lettuce, and crickets inside of a whole-wheat mini pita. I guess if you're the adventurous type go for it!


Frog in Salad 9

Frog in Salad

Image via Instagram/ Kathryn Lurie

A Wall Street Journal reporter found a frog in her salad from upscale eatery, Pret A Manger. The poor woman didn't know the creature had been in her meal until she was half-way finished. The restaurant apologized for the incident and offered her a free lunch for the next time she visited.

Bird foot in spinach 10

Bird foot in spinach

Image via Newsnet5

A 28-year-old mom who frequently makes salads and smoothies for her daughter found a bird's foot inside her pre-washed Dole spinach bag. Gah-ross!