The EASIEST way to peel a mango!


This morning I cut up some mango for my fruit salad and boy was it annoying. Normally i try peeling and dicing it into pieces once I've cut it in half, but sometimes things get messy. Depending on the type of mango you have on hand, juices can squirt all over your countertop or it may not be ripe enough yet.

Then lo and behold I found a video that depicted the EASIEST way to peel a mango!


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Mangos are the perfect sweet snack to have this time of the year because they don't break your diet and they're equally refreshing. However getting them open can be as annoying as peeling an orange which is why some people prefer to buy them pre-cut.

Avoid spending extra money at the store for something you can easily do at home. The mango peeling process doesn't have to be a messy hassle if you follow these simple steps. The video shows two pieces of sliced mangos being peeled using only a drinking glass.

You're probably wondering how a glass can peel a mango? All you have to do is slide the sliced mango down the inside of the sturdy drinking glass. This will get all of the mango meat off the peel and let it fall into the glass to avoid any pieces from straying. Voila! How easy is that?

You can watch the video with the full directions below. Don't forget to try out this method the next time you cut open the sweet fruit. A friend of mine even tried it and swears it works!

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