banana popsOne my favorite and the easiest fruit to have on hand are bananas. They're convenient enough to throw in your purse in the morning and have as a quick and healthy snack. But what do you do when you forget you even have them around and find yourself with a bunch of overripe bananas?

Hopefully you don't throw them out, but eating all of them is too much. That's why you're going to love these tricks on new things you can do with overripe bananas.

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As much as I love bananas, I'm guilty of letting them ripen too much. That's when I freeze them in zipper bags to use in smoothies or ice cream in the future. You'd be surprised how much these come in handy and have been lifesavers for me.

If you have the same issue, then you're going to enjoy the following ideas. This way your overripe bananas won't go to waste and you can still enjoy them!

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Banana Bread 1

Who doesn't love a good banana bread loaf? This delicious treat is perfect for a sweet breakfast or snack in between meals. Follow this recipe to get a super moist banana bread.


Banana Pops 2

Banana Pops

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Banana has the perfect consistency for ice cream, therefore they make for awesome banana pops. Your kids and family will love these and they are great for the summer time!

Try out this recipe for the best tasting banana pops.


Peanut Butter and banana smoothie 3

If you're looking for a healthy and fast breakfast, the peanut butter and banana smoothie is the way to go. It's loaded with fiber and protein to hold you over all morning and it tastes like dessert.

Follow this simple and delicious recipe here.

Banana ice cream 4

Banana ice cream

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You would be surprised to know that you can do so much with this one ingredient. Banana ice cream is so simple to make and healthy that you'll forget that your dessert is actually good for you. Toss them in the freezer and then blend it in a food processor for a quick frosty treat.

You can follow this recipe here.


Grilled bananas 5

Grilled bananas

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'Tis the season for grilled foods, so why not grill your bananas? By grilling them you release their sweetness and also give them a unique BBQ flavor. Try this delicious Grilled chocolate banana melt for a yummy summer treat.

You can find the recipe and full preparation directions here.