Bananas plagued by creatures even DEADLIER than spiders!

bananasJust when I thought it was safe to eat bananas again, another crazy incident happens. An unnamed Pittsburgh man says he was grocery shopping with his two small children at a local Walmart when the unthinkable happened. He says he reached into a banana bin to grab a batch when he suddenly felt a pinch on his hand.

You're never going to believe what THAT "pinch" turned out to be!


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When the poor man reached back he saw a SCORPION clamped down on his hand! He told CBS, "I was standing there in disbelief looking and there was another shopper there and people started to converge, and sure enough it was a scorpion."

His initial reaction was horror, but he managed to get the creature off as he and other shoppers remained shocked by what they witnessed. After the incident, he went to the doctor who reported that he was fine despite getting bitten. Walmart also paid for his medical expenses during that visit which was a good thing.

However, he is now traumatized and says he's going to be careful when digging into another box of bananas. Yeesh, I don't blame him!

After all the stories about spiders popping up in bananas, this one has got to be the worst. Spiders are one thing, but scorpions? This is getting out of control! I never would have thought that eating well could be so deadly. I think for our safety as consumers we should be more careful when we pick out produce in the supermarket because it doesn't always automatically mean its safe.

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