WATCH: The shocking reasons we should start eating insects!

insectsI would consider myself a city girl through and through, which is why there are certain things about nature I just can't grasp. I can't embrace nature or mud the way others do and I definitely am not a fan of insects. The mere sight of a centipede sends me running to the opposite side of the room!

Therefore I'm can't grasp the concept one video circulating the internet is suggesting. The creators behind AsapScience are telling us that we should start eating bugs!


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I know that insects are filled with protein and other nutrients that are great for our bodies, but I can't get over the idea of eating them. There have also been studies that prove that we eat bugs unknowingly found in our foods and sometimes even when we sleep. That's fine and all because I'm not awake or aware that it is happening, but to intentionally feed myself said bugs is not going to fly.

But somehow the guys over at AsapScience make a lot of sense in their video. They compare insects to chicken and prove that they have more fiber and nutrients than our bodies need. Not only that, but it takes less space to grow crickets for example, compared to livestock and other animals.

Surprisingly crickets are easier to digest than meats that come from chicken or cows. Not to mention a lot of the foods we already buy contain insects that we are completely oblivious to. The guys behind AsapScience do offer some extra interesting information I never knew of but makes a ton of sense.

Do I think people might start eating insects now? Yes and no. Those who are adventurous might, but for the rest of us, we may need more convincing. Check out the informative video below!

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