WATCH: Genius way to cut grapes so your kids don't choke

Grapes are awesome and a great snack for kids, but when your kids are young you have to be really careful because grapes are also the perfect size to be a choking hazard. Am I right or am I right? Because of that when my littles were really little I didn't give them very many grapes even though they would have made for the perfect healthy yet sweet snack. Sure I could have cut the grapes in half, but have you ever tried to cut grapes one at a time with a kid hanging on your hip? Not so fun.

Then I come across this ridiculously simple method for cutting grapes shared on Facebook by the wife of a genius grape cutter and I'm like, NO WAY, how easy is that? You're gonna love it and you already have all the supplies you need to do it, I'm sure.


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The method is so easy that if you've never done it, you will wonder why the heck it never occurred to you. All you need are grapes, two plates of the same size and a knife.

In the video, this man puts grapes on a plate then takes another plate and puts it on top of the grapes on the first plate and slices the grapes between the plates all at once. Love it. Not to mention that this would work with those itty bitty tomatoes too. I love these kind of simple kitchen hacks that make things so much easier, don't you?

Check it out!

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