Latin style picnic ideasOh, I love me a good picnic and so do my kids. What's there not to love about it? We're talking the great outdoors in beautiful weather and with great food. Raising two daughters that are multicultural, I find that a great and delicious way to teach them about their Latino roots is with food. This works great during picnics because it's so easy to Latinize a picnic.

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Check out these five delicious ways to Latinize your picnics!

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Latin-style sandwiches 1

Latin-style sandwiches

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Sandwiches make for excellent picnic food because they travel so well. Well, check out these five Latin-style sandwich ideas that are way better than plain bologne. My favorite is this healthy Cuban sandwich, but they are all good.


Ensalada de papas 2

Ensalada de papas

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There's potato salad and then there's ensalada de papas, which has more Latin flavor. There's also more than one version. Check out our five Latin-style potato salads for inspiration. I'm particularly fond of the poblano version. Yum!


Cool Mexican cucumber snack 3

Cool Mexican cucumber snack

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This is one of my all-time favorite snacks and is so easy to make that you really don't need a recipe, but just in case you've never made it, click on over to learn how to make this cool Mexican cucumber snack.

Chips and guac 4

Chips and guac

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Chips are pretty standard at any picnic, but instead of the same old potato chips why not bring chips and guacamole? Perfect! And to keep it even more interesting we have five yummy guacamole recipes for you to choose from. I really like the super spicy version because then you don't even have to bring salsa.


Agua de jamaica 5

Agua de jamaica

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A cold glass of jamaica or, en inglés, hibiscus tea, is heaven on a hot summer day. Don't worry if you've never made it before. We'll show you how to make your own hibiscus tea. Bonus: it's great for weight loss, too. Not that you need to lose any weight, I think you look great!