5 Delicious ways to Latinize your picnics this summer

Latin style picnic ideasOh, I love me a good picnic and so do my kids. What's there not to love about it? We're talking the great outdoors in beautiful weather and with great food. Raising two daughters that are multicultural, I find that a great and delicious way to teach them about their Latino roots is with food. This works great during picnics because it's so easy to Latinize a picnic.

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Check out these five delicious ways to Latinize your picnics!

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Add Comment How do you Latinize your picnics?
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Add Comment How do you Latinize your picnics?


We actually don't unless tropical fruits count, like mangoes and pineapples.

I think tropical fruits totally count.


We usually bring latin salads and encurtido.  :) The cucumber snack looks good!  I'll be making that.

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