You've been separating the egg whites from yolks all wrong!

egg yolksI have days when I'm craving eggs and although I don't mind egg yolks, sometimes I'd prefer to have egg whites. As you probably know, there is no easy way to separate the yolks from the whites and it becomes this whole annoying process of not only scooping out the yolk, but some shells that sneak in to the mix as well.

However, I learned of an easy and mindblowing way to separate them WITHOUT the hassle!


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If you ask me today to crack an egg flawlessly, I'd fail miserably, let alone be able to separate the yolks and the whites. I've normally either cracked one side of the eggs into a bowl and used a spoon to scoop out the yolk, but this doesn't always work. Until I came across this video that will change your life forever!

I couldn't believe how simple this person was able to separate the yolks and the whites and no messiness was involved. All he did was grab an empty water bottle, a bowl and a plate. He cracked an egg into the bowl and then used the mouth of the water bottle to scoop up the yolk simply by squeezing it. The air sucks it in and voila, no sign of yolk in the remaining whites. He then squeezes out the yolks onto the empty plate without any problems.

If you've faced this predicament before then you'll want to watch the video below. It will change the way you make eggs forever!

Image via YouTube

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