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They say that with gifts, it's the thought that counts and I agree. That's why you need to put a little thought into what you give someone for Mother's Day. I mean some gifts are not thoughtful. Not to sound like an ingrate or anything, but COME ON!

To get a thoughtful gift for a mother, think of her and what would be nice for her, not for her house, not for her kids, not for anyone other than her. I can't tell you the perfect gift to get for the mother you're shopping for because I don't know her, but I can tell you what not to get for most mothers.

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Here are five gifts that you should never get a mother on Mother's Day:

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Cooking class 1

Cooking class

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Do not give a mom a cooking class for Mother's Day! That's like saying, "Hey, your cooking could totally use some work!" It be better if you signed everyone else in the family up for a cooking and washing dishes class. Then the mom in the family could reap the rewards.


Magnifying mirror 2

Magnifying mirror

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Personally, I think magnifying mirrors should be banned. No one, but no one needs to see their pores enlarged to the size of craters. EVER.


Garbage can 3

Garbage can

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If "mom" complains time and time again that the trash can is always full and no one takes it out except her, do NOT go and buy her a bigger trash can. That's not what she was hoping for.

A puppy 4

A puppy

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Puppies are awesome. So cute, cuddly and adorable. But do not give a mom a puppy for Mother's Day. She has enough of her own puppies to take care of at the moment, thank you very much.


Clothes that are the wrong size! 5

Clothes that are the wrong size!

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Just don't! My husband gives me clothes that don't fit all the time and it just makes me feel bad. Stay away from clothing as a gift for mom, give her a gift card instead.