HUGE Oscar Mayer recall: everything you need to know!

oscar mayerMoms listen up! If you feed your children hot dogs on a regular basis then you NEED to hear about this recall. Kraft Foods has recalled 96,000 pounds of their Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners after a mislabelling on the product.

The company was alerted after one consumer noted something "different" about the food item and reported it. If you own these hot dogs, you MUST look out for this...


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Reportedly the hot dogs being recalled are cheese filled, and although harmless, the mislabelling can be dangerous if it's consumed by someone who suffers from dairy sensitivities.

If you recently bought or have Oscar Mayer hot dogs in your fridge, these are the ones that are being recalled by Kraft. Get rid of:  Classic Wieners Made with Turkey & Chicken, Pork Added with a USE BY date, 16 Jun 2014" date and product code 044700000632. The other item affected by this recall is Classic Cheese Dogs Made with Turkey & Chicken, Pork Added, and Pasteurized Cheese Product with a USE BY date of 6 Jun 2014 and product code 00447000005300.

So far no one has fallen sick from the item, but it is risky for those with food allergens. Kraft recommends that those who experience a reaction to the item, to call their healthcare provider. If you have any questions about the recall or suspect that you have this item in your freezer, you can call Kraft Consumer Relations at (855) 688-4386. In the event of food allergy concerns, consumers are advised to access the for food safety questions.

Even though the recall issue could be worse, it's STILL dangerous if your children (or even adults) have severe dairy allergies. Hopefully not too many people have been affected negatively by this but the amount of hot dogs being recalled is no joke! Please follow the tips above if you find yourself with this product in your home.

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