tilapiaEating healthy has become important to many of us, but we don't realize that certain "healthy" foods may be worse for us than we thought. For example, many people replace red meats in their diets by adding fish to their meals. Popular and affordable seafood staple tilapia has recently been found to be worse for you than bacon. Yes, bacon!

If you are a fish-eater then you WON'T want to miss out on this latest piece of scary news!


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Tilapia was recently discovered to be one of the unhealthiest forms of seafood because it is farm-raised. It's been compared to bacon and said to be worse for your health than the breakfast meat. In fact, research has found that it may cause more inflammation in the body that can lead to arthritis, asthma, and heart disease. 

Not to mention that tilapia, plus other farm-raised fish such as salmon, aren't nourishing the body as you would expect. Instead these versions are high in pesticides and the fish are fed animal waste while they are alive. It sounds like if you want to eat these foods, it's BEST to steer clear of the farm-raised version.

Tilapia isn't the only "health" food many people think is good for them. In fact there are so many more out there that aren't what they seem.

To find out the rest of the "healthy" food culprits, take a look below!  

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