5 Reasons you should be eating more guanábana

My love of guanábanas all began after a terrible health episode I experienced last summer. I had my appendix removed and took weeks to recover due to all the heavy antibiotics I was taking to prevent any future bacterial infections. My stomach along with my immune system was a mess. That was until my suegra decided to whip up an old remedio casero for me. She literally juiced tons of guanábanas mixed with a little bit of minced red pepper and had me drink them for weeks. I felt instantly stronger just after a few days and have been hooked ever since!


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The health benefits of guanábanas are shocking and completly mind-blowing. It's almost hard to believe. But trust me these fruits are miracle fixes. Check out some of the reasons why you should be eating them NOW!

1. It boost your immune system: Guanábanas are filled with iron, amino acids, calcium and fibers that help build a strong immune system. Depending on where you live they can be hard to find so I buy them frozen and use them in my smoothies. FYI: Goya has them!

2. It helps relieve constipation: Haven't been regular for a while? Because guanábanas are surprisingly high in fiber they work as a natural laxative but of course without the side effects!

3. It kills parasites: Apparently all the nutrients found in guanábanas, like amino acids, iron, calcium (just to name a few), can help kill off parasites that may be developing in your body. That's pretty amazing!

4. It treats diabetes: According to studies, the guanábanas leaves help stabilize blood sugar levels. Many people actually use the leaves for natural diabetes remedios.

5. It treats cancer: My suegra said she had a breast cancer scare a few years ago and treated it by drinking guanábana smoothies daily. I couldn't believe it until I started doing some research myself. Numerous studies have found that the guanábana fruit helps to eliminate cancer cells in the human body. They even found it to be ten thousand times more effective than chemotherapy. Doctors still haven't endorsed it as an official treatment for cancer but it's worth a try!

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