Replace boring oatmeal with this easy acai bowl

acai bowlWith the warmer months coming up, you're probably looking to switch up your breakfasts for something more seasonal. If you want to be adventurous, then you will LOVE the acai bowl first thing in the morning. The dish made out of the acai frozen berry can be eaten in place of your oatmeal on those super hot summer days.

My favorite part about it? It tastes like grown-up ice cream!


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The first time I tried an acai bowl I was blown away at the genius concept. Who would have thought that frozen fruit blended together and topped off with your favorite ingredients would be so easy?

This versatile breakfast (or dessert) can be made a variety of ways depending on what you are craving. If you want something creamier and richer then you'll want to top it off with some peanut butter. However, the classic acai bowl is simple enough that everyone can enjoy.

If you've never tried out an acai bowl, then it's best that you first stick to the basics. Check out my personal favorite recipe below:


1 individual packet of frozen acai berry (I like Sambazon's version best)

1 banana

A splash of almond milk

Your choice of toppings:


Chopped strawberries

Pineapple pieces




Shredded coconut

Chia & flax seeds

Chopped nuts

Directions: Blend until the acai, banana, and milk until the mixture looks thick. Don't blend it for too long, otherwise you will wind up with a smoothie. Pour into a bowl and top off with your favorite toppings for a filling and nutritious breakfast for yourself and the kids!

Image via Giselle_Marie16/Instagram

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