diy mother's day giftsDIY crafty gifts are a Mother's Day staple--preschoolers have been whipping up macaroni necklaces in honor of the holiday, probably since the noodle was first invented. But despite how precious your little baby looks when he presents it to you, that sweet token of his love and appreciation isn't likely to see the year out. I mean you can only hold onto so many never-to-be-worn-out-of-the-house necklaces and rings before it's time to purge your popsicle stick jewelry box. While obviously it's the sentiment that counts, this year, you can help your kids create some gorgeous and meaningful gifts for all of the moms in your life. Just be warned, you may have a hard time parting with some of these gems!


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Check out five awesome DIY Mother's Day gift ideas in the slideshow below.

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