Woman finds bolt in burgerMmmm, sometimes nothing hits the spot like a juicy burger. I love mine dressed with lettuce, tomato and a big hard bolt. Wait, stop! No, I do not like bolts in my burger and neither does an Albuquerque, New Mexico woman who bit into a burger she ordered at a local  Applebee's and found that the burger meat had a bolt in it! The woman's sister, Diana Almarez recalls. "She bit into it and got a funny look on her face and we said, 'What's wrong?' As she kind of pulled the slider out of her mouth a little bit, there was this bolt." Not good.

She could have broken a tooth or choked on that thing, not to mention she could have swallowed it. I mean check out the size of this bolt in the picture below.


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bolt in burgerCall me crazy because I can't help but think that bolt was put in there intentionally. I mean how does something like that get past quality control? Fortunately, the woman was not harmed by the bolt.

The restaurant comped the meal. Yeah, that's the least they could do. What are they moonlighting as a hardware store?

If you think THAT'S bad, proceed with caution because I've got some more awful examples of things you don't want to put in your mouth. Check out the grossest things people have found in their food in the gallery below!  --Additional reporting by Giselle Castro

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