Check out the GROSSEST stuff people have found in their food

Robin Sandusky is most likely never buying lunch from Guy & Gallard again. The Manhattan theatrical agent who has been ordering from their 29th street and 7th avenue location for the last two weeks, was pretty grossed out when she discovered a lizard head in her leafy kale salad on Tuesday afternoon. Now how the heck did that wind up in there? Ewww!!!

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"It was the craziest thing," Sandusky told the NY Post. "After a few bites, I look down at my fork, and think, 'Oh is that a piece of asparagus?' And then I saw that it had eyes, and an arm." That's when she realized it was the remains of a green lizard. Can you believe that?

Sandusky apparently orders from Guy & Gallard often and never had this problem before. I guess it's fair to assume that she won't be going back moving forward. In fact, she was so "grossed out" she packed up the salad with the lizard head and sent it right back to the Guy & Gallard location she ordered from. She got her refund, but the manager claims there was no evidence of a lizard in the salad once it was sent back.

It looks to me like that manager is just looking to save his own butt. For all we know he could have asked the deliveryman himself to confiscate the lizard head so that he wouldn't get in trouble. I wish I could say this was the first incident of its kind, but it seems like a lot of people are finding strange things in their food these days and it's really upsetting. Check out a few other strange things folks have found in their meals! --Additional reporting by Giselle Castro

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