Turn water into wine with this new gadget that we want NOW!

wineI love unwinding after a day of work with a glass of wine. It doesn't matter whether it's red or white, just as long as it's present. As we all know, bottles of wine can be pricey if bought religiously, but the answer to all our prayers may finally be here. Introducing the Miracle Machine.

This device allows you to create your OWN wine at home powered through your smartphone. How amazing is that?!


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The way the Miracle Machine works, is by selecting the type of wine you want through their iPhone app. It is powered through the bluetooth of the phone and then you add the ingredients the recipe calls for, plus water. In a matter of a few days you should have the wine of your choice at your fingertips.

The machine consists of heaters intended to help make the wine, as well as a microprocessor board to show you the progress, and a bluetooth antenna to keep your phone connected.

If you are interested in purchasing this fascinating wine-making device, you are looking at a retail price of $499. It does come at a cost, but what will determine whether the device is worth buying is the quality. That is still undetermined but the creators, Kevin Boyer and Phillip James, feel confident that it will resonate well. They've even started a kickstarter page hoping the public will help fund their project.

As amazing as it would be to make my own wine at home, I'm not sure I'm fully sold on this gadget. However, I do think with time and as technology gets more advanced, it may be a great addition to have at home. For now though, I'll just stick to buying my cheap bottled wine at the local liquor store.

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