waffle tacoAs if Taco Bell weren't unhealthy enough, they have now gone down the road of creating a breakfast menu. I guess their other options weren't doing it for them now that they have created the Waffle Taco. Yes, I kid you not. It's a waffle in the shape of a taco that's filled with sausage, eggs, and dripping in maple syrup.

I guess that's a good option if you like a heart attack with your side of eggs in the morning.


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If you are one of those experimental foodies, then the Waffle Taco is set to hit Taco Bells nationwide on March 27. This will be the first time the fast-food chain has a full-on breakfast menu and its president, Brian Niccol, believes that it will be well-received.

In addition to the Waffle Taco, other items offered on the menu are a breakfast Crunchwrap, Cinnabon Delights, and coffee courtesy of Rainforest Alliance. A fun fact is that west coast Taco Bells gave a breakfast menu a test run last year and found it to be a success which is why they are expanding.

If you want to give the new breakfast menu a shot, it will be available from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Although I'd still proceed with caution because that much fat and sugar in the morning can't be good for you.

Surprisingly there are even WORSE foods out there than this one. Check them out below!

Additional reporting by Irina Gonzalez (gallery)

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