Easy stewed eggplant with a yummy Latin twist you'll love (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Today's recipe is not only an easy one, but the most delicious dip you will ever have. It's made with fried eggplant and stewed with onions and chopped tomatoes. The resulting stew can be served as a tapa to be eaten with pita bread (this is a recipe from the Middle East), with tortilla chips or cassava, to accompany a meat dish with rice, chicken or fish, and also to eat with pasta. Also, you can serve this dish warm or cold. I love keeping it in the refrigerator and have it available any time. I hope you like my recipe, which was passed to me by my Venezuelan Syrian friend Faviola.


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Stewed eggplant with tomato and onion
Makes 4-5 cups
Vegetable oil for frying
2 large eggplants cut into thick slices
2 medium onions, coarsely chopped
4-6 medium tomatoes, coarsely chopped
1/2 cup tomato sauce

1. Season the eggplants with salt.

2. In a deep frying pan add oil and heat over medium-high heat.

3. Fry the eggplants, turning them, until they are well browned on both sides.

4. In a clean pot, place a layer of eggplant, a layer of tomato and onion, another layer of eggplant and so on, ending with a layer of eggplant.

5. Add the tomato sauce.

6. Cook, covered, 15-20 minutes until the eggplants fall apart.

7. Serve hot, warm or cold.

This stew tastes better the next day.

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