5 Surprising facts about pineapples

pineapplePineapple is a favorite of many Latinos and it's hard to believe it's hard to believe that it's healthy since it's so sweet. This tropical fruit can not only help detox your system and ease cramps, but it has an interesting history behind it.

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a single pineapple to grow? Or how to properly cut one? Well, we have the answers for you and some other interesting facts you didn't know about these sweet fruit!


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What I love about pineapple is that I can have it on its own or as a sweet base for other blander fruits or meals. You can even add it to your meat dishes or favorite drinks to naturally sweeten then.

However, this fruit has such an interesting background that it's great to know some things about it before munching down on some. Check out these unknown facts below!

Sailors ate them all the time: In order to prevent scurvy on ships, sailors used to depend on pineapple to ward off the disease. They also used them to scrub the decks!

It takes 3 years to mature: A single pineapple can take up to three years to fully grow.

It looks like a pinecone: When it was first discovered by the Europeans in America they were under the impression that the fruit was a pine cone due to its shape.

They are "ripe" when you buy them: Most people including myself buy a pineapple thinking it will ripen if unopened for a few weeks. It turns out that they are already ripe when they are picked and sent to supermarkets.

It can be made into wine: Wine no longer comes from grapes. In fact, in Maui, Hawaii, they are known to make wine out of pineapple. Yay for more options! 

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