Green pozole with chicken is a perfect one-pot creation

Pozole verde recipeDo you have any idea how much I love hominy? Probably not, but it's a lot! I think the stuff is wonderful. Lucky me, I married a man who loves hominy as much as I do. This green pozole with chicken recipe that I got from my friend Silvia Martinez at Mamá Latina Tips is going to be a huge hit. It's kind of like harmony through hominy. Hee hee.


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Green Pozole with Chicken


1 can of hominy 108 oz (3.06 Kg)
1 whole chicken
2 garlic heads +4 garlic cloves, divided
2 Tbsp salt
2 pounds tomatillos
2 1/2 medium white onions, divided
1-3 Serrano peppers (stems removed)
2 bunches of cilantro
1/3 cup of pepitas (optional)
Up to 2 cups of water
1 iceberg lettuce head
1 bunch radishes
2 avocados
8-10 limes
Dry oregano leaves
1-2 pack tostadas


Get the full recipe directions at Mamá Latina Tips.

Image via Mamá Latina Tips

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