scorpionCaroline Black should be glad that her watchful eye caught something abnormal in her baby's formula. The 29-year-old opened a tub of halfway used dried baby powder made by a popular formula brand in the U.K. only to find a dead scorpion inside. The mom's main concern was her daughter Olivia's health who up until that point had been drinking the contaminated formula.

Naturally she reported the incident to the company and expressed her disgust and concerns. That's SO scary!


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Black now fears that her infant might get sick from drinking the tainted formula and says the company thought it was burnt powder and NOT a scorpion. She said, "You see it happening to other people but think it will never happen you." The mother knew it wasn't burnt formula and insisted that it was an arachnid of some sort.

Environmental officers analyzed the creature and confirmed that it was a scorpion. However the British company says they had it looked at again and instead it was small spider. As they continue investigation of the scorpion, Black was told to return the product she purchased, but many remain concerned. 

The company said in a statement: "We are committed to the safety and quality of our products, and we take reports like this very seriously." Yeesh, this is one creature I do NOT want to find in any of my edible purchases!

But Black isn't the first unfornate person to find gross things in her food.  There are so many that we created a gallery specifically for it. Check out all the weird things people have found in their food below...

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