World's first burrito vending machine is here & the future is looking YUMMY!

BurritoIsn't it amazing how many things you can get out of vending machines nowadays? Coffee, cosmetics, electronics, DVDs, burritos. Wait, burritos?! You can get burritos out of a vending machine? Yes, my dears, you can. Burritobox has launched the "world's first burrito kiosk" and if you are hankerin' for a Mexican-inspired tube of food while  pumping gas at the 24-hour Mobile station at 8380 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, step right up to that orange looking box and get you one. Make sure you are getting a burrito and not accidentally buying diesel fuel, though. So this my friends is the future and in this future you can by burritos from a machine. Let me tell you more about this future and how you'll eat it.


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I myself have not sampled the Burritobox fair and probably won't, but I'm not saying you shouldn't. I live in San Francisco, California, quite arguably the home of the most famous burritos in the world. Mission-style burritos are about as big as your forearm and a dietary staple for many locals. Watching someone put those monsters together for you at a taqueria is part of the experience, but I understand there is a time and place for food from vending machines, I just never thought the time and place for vending machine burritos would ever come.

They appear to be reasonaly priced, under $5 and the company boasts that they are 100 percent natural as well as have no hormones or antibiotics. There are five different kinds of burritos to choose from with three of them being breakfast burritos. You can also purchase sides via the touch screen for an added cost. Then you sit back watch a video or commercial on the screen and before you know it the future is here and so is your burrito.

I just wonder how they get a person inside the machine to do all the cooking and build the actual burritos. I'm kidding!!!

Image via burritoboxofficial/Instagram

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