The holidays are the perfect time to get your craft on. Sure you might have a million things on your to-do list and grabbing a box of pre-fab cards is just SO easy, but there are benefits to making your own Christmas cards. For starters, it's way cheaper than buying a nice box at Hallmark. You can customize them any way you want. And best of all, they will keep your kiddos busy for awhile. (Of course you can also still buy a box to send out to the masses and reserve the DIY cards for a select few to save some time.)

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So, in honor of Christmas Card Day which happens each year on December 9, we present you with these five awesomely creative DIY Christmas cards to make with your kids:

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Cards 1

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Cards

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These colorful Christmas cards made out of card stock and cupcake liners can be crafted by even the tiniest of hands. I love that they'll give you the opportunity to veer from traditional red and green and brighten someone's holidays.


Pop-Up Christmas Cards 2

Pop-Up Christmas Cards

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Who knew making pop-up cards was so easy? It's really just a few scissor cuts, then your child can draw, color and glue together a custom creation for every member of the family.


Card Stock Christmas Tree Cards 3

You can make this adorable Christmas tree card with just a few strips of scrap card stock and some glue. Even young toddlers can take part by sticking the paper onto glue dots. In fact, you can make it a real team effort by assigning someone to cut, someone to glue and someone to place each strip. How fun!

Reindeer in the Dark Christmas Cards 4

This reindeer-themed Christmas card is so creative! It's a simple fold-and-glue project, but the googly eyes and outside-the-box concept will certainly make it a memorable card to receive.


Fingerprint Christmas Light Christmas Cards 5

Fingerprint Christmas Light Christmas Cards

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This fingerprint Christmas lights card is perfect for los abuelos, and it's one you can even make with a newborn. It's super-simple, festive and unique--you couldn't ask for anything more in a holiday card.