How to get over any kitchen catastrophe (VIDEO)

You guys, it's here! It's that time of the year that can sometimes feel more like stressful cooking season than the holiday season. We put so much pressure on ourselves to create meals that will rival what a professional chef can come up with. We look at Pintrest and promise ourselves that each and every dish we prepare will be "pin" worthy, but you know what? We are human! We are not perfect and so sometimes our creations in the kitchen will not be either! Give yourself a BREAK! Have a sense of humor, embrace your kitchen fails and realize that a mishap in the kitchen does not mean you've ruined a holiday. Just to prove my point and get you chuckling I've got the perfect video of cooking fail compilations to help you put it all in perspective.


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Okay, so the whole video is pretty funny and will help you let go of some of the holiday cooking stress, but I have to highlight the part that has me laughing like a hyena. The video features Sandra Lee, you know the television chef and author who looks like she never eats? Anyway, she's making a meatloaf (I think), you see her put it in the oven, and then after other clips of cooking fails flash by your eyes, you see her pull it out of the oven and I am NOT kidding you, it looks like hot baked shit covered in ketchup. She admiringly shows it to the camera and says, "Look at that!" She says it like it is the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. Hahaha. I say, embrace her attitude. Be proud of your cooking even when it looks like crap.

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