Oh. Em. Gee! Is the New Brown M&M Latina?

OK, so I might be jumping the gun just a little bit but the second I got a glimpse of the new Ms. Brown M&M (so rudely overlooked when they were assigning personalities before) I had a feeling like they may be throwing a Latina in the mix.

No joke. I mean, the green M&M has always been the only female and with her highly touted powers of, um, persuasion (come on, you know what I'm talking about), if they are bringing a new girl to the party, she better have a strong personality. What better way to assure that Ms. Brown will stand out in the crowd than to make her Latina?


Fine, I admit that my only real indication of her Latina-ness are 1) She's wearing heels and 2) She's a woman in a powerful pose 3) She's Brown (duh)...and I'm probably stretching but, 4) She seems to be working some pretty prominent eyebrows. Wait, does this only apply to my family? I'm not even sure that last one counts--but either way, I'm psyched!

I love the M&M commercials, there funny and irreverent and have redefined "Eat me" jokes for generations to come. I think I'd sort of love if it they added a Latina persona to the mix.

So far a few of her personality traits have been leaked and her attributes include fierce intelligence and sharp wit--and like so many of us, she's been toiling behind the scenes for years as “chief chocolate officer,” without collecting any of the glory bestowed upon her more famous counterparts. I'm convincing you, aren't I?

Do you think M&M's should have a Latina character in the cast?

 Image Courtesy of M&M