Hangover help: 7 Latino remedies that will make you feel better in no time

We all know what it's like to drink a little TOO much on the weekends only to wake up with an ungodly hangover the next day. And this Thanksgiving Day weekend is no exception. Recently scientists found that drinking a can of Sprite is the best hangover remedy. Acetaldehyde is produced by the alcohol in the body which turns into acetate and starts up the hangover. Sprite, however, curbs the hangover from happening in the first place.

However since the beginning of time Latinos have had some of the best hangover remedies. There are so many to choose from that you can't go wrong with any of them!


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Growing up I saw the way the adults in my family would cure their hangovers with certain Latino foods which now makes a lot of sense to me. Check out some of the traditional hangover cures our ancestors have passed down to us below!

Trust me, you'll thank me when you're good as new again!

Menudo: This Mexican soup is made up of cow tripe, veal, lime, various herbs, and lots of crushed red peppers. People swear by it and we're sticking to it!   

Sancocho: After a night of heavy drinking, my mami would make my dad some hearty Colombian sancocho.

Ceviche: A popular Peruvian solution to curing a hangover is ceviche. They say the "Leche de Tigre," the lime juices that marinate the fish, and a shot of pisco can cure any hangover.

Mondongo: Much like the Mexicans, Dominicans also love their cow tripe soup to ease hangover symptoms.

Clamato: Any Mexican knows that Clamato is another excellent solution for the common hangover. This tomato juice can be found in supermarkets and has spices and a touch of clams. 

Coconut Water: Although this beverage is an acquired taste, many people--Latino and non-Latinos alike--swear by it. The electrolytes and antioxidants the drink provides helps keep you hydrated and replenishes any nutrients lost from drinking.

Asopao: Puerto Ricans love their asopao de pollo to cure hangovers. The meal which is a mixture of a soup and stew also has sofrito and other herbs which have been likened to gumbo.

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