Halloween is coming right up and children are already getting excited about the candy loot they will score. I don't begrudge them their chocolate miniatures and say, "let them eat candy," but I'm also all for giving them some candy with Mexican flair. Mexican candy is delicious and so under-appreciated in the United States of America. I feel it is my duty to be a Mexican candy ambassador whenever the opportunity arises.

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Image via Thinkstock

Lorena Crayón 1

Lorena Crayón

Image via CandyWarehouse.com

These crayons come in a variety of colors/flavors. This yellow one is mango flavored. CandyWarehouse.com, $5 (10 pieces)


Rockaleta Bola 2

Rockaleta Bola

Image via MexGrocer.com

This is a spicy and sour multilayered gumball, they just don't make American candies like this. MexGrocer.com, $4.50 (20 count)


Anahuac Jugo de Sabores 3

Anahuac Jugo de Sabores

Image via MexGrocer.com

These sour candy balls come in different juice flavors, the packaging alone is enough to get the kid in me excited. MexGrocer.com, $2.95 (12 count)

Aldama Oblea de Cajeta 4

Aldama Oblea de Cajeta

Image via MexGrocer.com

Obleas are ahhh-mazing. They're paper thin wafers with cajeta in the middle. MexGrocer.com, $4.75 (20 count)


Bandera de Coco 5

Bandera de Coco

Image via MexGrocer.com

Coconut candy in the colors of the Mexican flag. MexGrocer.com, $5.95 (20 count)