Oscar-worthy Chipotle ad makes us want to grow our own food

Have you seen Chipotle's latest AMAZING commercial? The Mexican restaurant chain has released a commercial for a mobile game called "The Scarecrow" with a powerful message about industrial farming. With its incredible animation and message, the ad is being called "the most beautiful, haunting infomercial you'll ever see."

It also looks like an Oscar-worthy cartoon at first glance! It's so well done, that you can't even tell that it is a commercial for a game or a restaurant!


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The animated short brings to light the dirty truth behind industrial farming by using a scarecrow as the protagonist who works for Crow Foods, a big business that controls food production. Its intention is to prove to the public how scary the consequences will be if we allow this type of fake food cultivation to continue. Scarecrows aren't even needed to protect farms anymore because everything has become processed!

The commercial shows the mysterious goo injected into processed foods and in the end proves that the solution is to bring wholesome foods back into the picture. Chipotle manages to do all of this in a three minute short and not only convinces you to eat fresher foods, but to download their game as well!  

The video effects can be credited to Moonbot studios who has produced Academy Award winning shorts in the past.  The iOS game is available for free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and its objective is to get the scarecrow out of the Crow Foods factory with fresh foods while dodging scary machines.The best part is for every level you pass, you get food reward points that you can use at your local Chipotle.

I'm glad that a restaurant chain has decided to acknowledge the processed food issue that we are facing at hand. It's important that we know where our foods are coming from and that they aren't some "mystery meat" as portrayed in the short. I wouldn't be surprised  if clientele at Chipotle increases after this amazing commercial and game is exposed to the world.

Image via YouTube

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