There is so much power in language. Slap on "natural" or "organic" on a product and consumers will perceive it as being more healthy than a product that doesn't have that label on it. If it sounds healthy, we think it must be healthy. Am I right or am I right? I assume that I am not the only one that has been duped by these types of marketing strategies, labels, or claims. But there's actually tons of this healthy-sounding food that is doing more harm than good! Read on...

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Sometimes I even know that I'm getting duped, but I use it as justification like, Oh these must be better than the regular ones for me because they have a sprinkle of veggie fairy dust on them. It's time to get honest with ourselves and realize that these five healthy "sounding" foods are not healthy at all.

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Light salad dressing 1

Light salad dressing

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Don't ruin a perfectly healthy salad by pouring "light" salad dressing on it. It may be light on calories, but it is probably not light on ingredients that read like a chem lab checklist. Try balsamic vinegar with olive oil instead. You can even add a squeeze of citrus and a touch of mustard to fancy it up.


Spinach and artichoke dip 2

If only spinach artichoke dip were as healthy as it sounds, I could eat it every day without having a cardiologist on speed dial. It's all the ingredients that aren't listed in the title that make this an artery-clogging delicacy.


Veggie chips 3

Veggie chips

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Surely, chips made of veggies must be better for you than regular chips. The problem is that most veggie chips are still processed food with very little veggies in them. Try making your own kale chips for an honest to goodness veggie chip.

Wraps 4


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Just because you call your tube of food a wrap doesn't mean it's any healthier than a burrito. Burritos don't have to be unhealthy but they do tend to be high in calories.


Fruit cocktail 5

A fruit salad is great for you, but a canned fruit cocktail packed in sugary syrup, not so good.