Don't wash your chicken! The reason will SHOCK you (VIDEO)

My husband makes a mean roasted chicken. It is so good that I never EVER order roasted chicken at a restaurant because there is no point to it since it won't taste better than what my husband makes at home. I love it when he makes roasted chicken for us, but I don't love how the kitchen becomes a sort of crime scene where nothing can be disturbed. He basically kicks the whole family out of the kitchen until the bird is in the oven and he has had a chance to wipe down and disinfect any possible surface that may have come into contact with the chicken. 

He used to wash his chicken before he cooked it, but he stopped doing that a while back and I'm so glad. Why? Read on...


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Now, lots of people wash their chicken before cooking it; why is that? Maybe it's because famous chefs like Julia Child have told us that it is safer. Well, NPR's food blog The Salt talked to Drexel University food safety researcher Jennifer Quinlan and she said, "There's no reason, from a scientific point of view, to think you're making it any safer," she says, "and in fact, you're making it less safe."

What?! Less safe? How is that possible? Well, I could tell you, but really it's better if you just look at this video for yourself. It's only 14 seconds long, but it has convinced me that anyone who washes a bird before cooking it, should have to strip down and disinfect themselves afterwards.

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