Don't get mad if I tell you that I hope today is a totally sucky day for you because I mean it in a totally nice way. I do. You know why? Because today, June 20, is National Lollipop Day and what better way to celebrate than sucking on some fabulous lollipops?

Lollipops tend to be yummy in general, but let me just show a little cultural pride here and tell you that I firmly believe that Mexican lollipops are some of the best in the world. Oh yeah, baby!

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When I was a kid, we had to go all the way to Tijuana to get us some yummy Mexican lollies, but in what can only be seen as progress, nowadays you can these scrumptious Mexican treats delivered to the comfort of your very own home, no waiting in border lines necessary.

If you've never tried Mexican lollipops, then you really really must! Run out to your local bodega, Latino store, or your computer and treat yo'self!!!

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Vero Elotes 1

Vero Elotes

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Lovely sweet little candy corns covered in just the right amount of spiciness. Amazon, $9.45 (40 pieces)


Cajeta 2


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Cajeta is milky sweet yumminess. Perfect for a paleta. Mexican Import Specialties, $5.00 (10 pieces)


Vero Mango 3

Vero Mango

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Chili covered mango flavored lollipops that will blow your mind. Amazon, $9.99 (40 pieces)

Lucas Panzon 4

Lucas Panzon

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This is a watermelon flavored lollipop that you can dip into spicy chamoy. Mexican Import Specialties, $10.75 (10 pieces)


Vero Rebanaditas 5

Vero Rebanaditas

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Watermelon flavored lollipops with...yup, you guessed it...chile! Amazon, $11.99 (40 pieces)


Tama Roca 6

Tama Roca

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These are my absolute favorite. The spicy tamarind is chewy so this is more of a lolli that you would bite. Mexican Import Specialties, $14 (16 pieces)