5 Recipes using animal brains that are offal-y yummy

So I'm reading about a study that says early humans liked to eat brains. Bones found in Kenya suggests that early humans loved to eat them some brains. It appears that these brain eaters would scavenge the untouched heads of carcasses left behind by big cats and dig in. It is possible that eating the nutrient rich brains "helped homo erectus support larger bodies, bigger brains, and travel longer distances."

None of this comes as a big surprise to me. Why? Because growing up as a part of a huge Mexican family, I've seen people eating brains for as long as I can remember. Brain tacos are not my thing, but my brother goes crazy for them. Oh and it's not just Mexicans who still eat brains, there are recipes from many countries that prove that brain eating is alive and well.

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If you think about it, many people are going back to a consuming the whole animal approach. In other words, we shouldn't be wasting any part of the animals we use for food. Who knows pretty soon we may all be feasting on brains like early humans did.To get you ready for that eventuality here is a sampling of 5 brainy recipes.

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