Although I am of Mexican descent, I didn't really grow up celebrating Cinco de Mayo much at home. My mother assures me that Cinco de Mayo is more widely celebrated in the United States of America than it is in Mexico. Doesn't matter, I still love the holiday and being that I am raising multi-cultural children, it is another way to infuse the Mexican aspect of their backgrounds into their life as a yearly celebration. Plus who am I kidding, I love an excuse to party!

So what do you say, I provide you with some inspiration for Cinco de Mayo party planning? I'm pretty sure I heard you say, Simón que sí, so let's go!

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What to serve? 1

What to serve?

Image via Daniel Dionne/Flickr

Food is my favorite part of most holidays. For Cinco de Mayo why not check out these recipes for chiles en nogada, empanadas de camote, and chicken pumpkin-ancho mole tacos?


What to drink? 2

What to drink?

Image via calitexan/Flickr

I've got recipes for 5 Cinco de Mayo drinks for you: Michelada, beer margaritas, paloma, rum-spiked horchata, and vampiros Mexicanos. Yum.


What to have for dessert? 3

What to have for dessert?

Image via joshbousel/Flickr

I cannot resist suggesting that you make these adorable piñata cookies because, well, they are adorable.

What to listen to? 4

What to listen to?

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You could put together your own playlist or just go with the Essential Cinco de Mayo playlist that has already been curated for you. Rest assured there is plenty of mariachi music on it.


What to wear? 5

What to wear?

Check out this adorable outfit. You can easily adapt it to suit your particular preferences.