8 Reasons mami was right to make you eat your veggies!

I've been saying that vegetables and fruit are good for you ever since I really started eating them when I was losing weight. In fact, eating plenty of greens is one of my best tips for keeping off the weight (like I maintain my 100 pound weight loss). But, to be honest, that's not the ONLY reason to eat veggies and fruit. I know that our mamis will all say "I told you so!" but she was definitely right to make us eat our vegetables and we're right to make our own kids eat their veggies. Why? Well, as I read recently on Buzzfeed.com, here are 8 reasons why you & your family absolutely MUST eat your veggies.


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1. Eating more makes you happy: A recent study proved that young adults who ate lots of fruit and veggies reported feeling calmer, happier and more energetic. So, start chewing on that carrot!

2. They make sperm speedier: Yes, really! A study from 2006 found that "the more produce a man consumed, the less sluggish his sperm." So, you know, if you're trying for another baby, then DEFINITELY take this into account!

3. Veggies make your skin glow: Want that beautiful glow? Well, a study published last year found that even a small increase in fruit and vegetable consumption made your skin look better over six weeks.

4. They DEFINITELY help you live longer: Since eating veggies raises the antioxidants in your blood, people who regularly consume them had a 39% risk of dying during a 14-year-study completed in 2010.

5. Veggies improve your brain: This one is ESPECIALLY important for our abuelitos: a 2012 review found that eating lots of veggies  (but not fruit!) reduces the risk of dementia and other declines in brain function that happen as we get older.

6. Popeye was right about spinach: So, it turns out that nitrate, a chemical in spinach and other veggies, can actually make you stronger. Eating about 200-250g of spinach a day is a REALLY good choice for you.

7. Veggies help you exercise: Well, this comes down to great veggies again but last year we found out that nitrate also made people faster during a study where people were asked to run a 5k. So let's start running after you eat those veggies!

8. They even help your vision: A study back in 2010 found that women who at a lot of colorful veggies developed cataracts and eye problems much  later in life, as compared to women who had diets that were more meat-heavy. So, let's bite into that carrot!

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