How to make a healthier kid-friendly breakfast for the whole family

What's the one thing that you always think of when making your kid's daily breakfast? Well, besides "man, this better be easy and quick!", you're probably worried about their daily protein needs. Yes, a protein-packed breakfast is definitely something that you should be concerned with but there's actually two other things that you might be forgetting. The truth of the matter is that protein isn't the only thing that needs to be found in that kid-friendly breakfast for both your children and yourself. Along with those extra heaps of protein, here's what and how to incorporate a little more into the first meal of the day.


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According to Eating Well, your breakfast meal should include some food from the food groups that we  typically don't get enough of all day: vegetables and whole grains. Yes, it's true! These are the two foods that you should really be eating at breakfast (and probably aren't) but here is how to get more of them during the most important meal of the day.

Vegetables (and fruit!):  It's really important that you and your kids get your daily servings of veggies and fruit. Start your morning right by adding some veggies to your morning omelet, put some banana in your oatmeal, slice up tomato or cucumber to go on top of your bagel or even add some sautéed spinach or kale to your egg sandwich.

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Whole Grains: When it comes to whole grains, try to choose them as much as possible. I always opt for oatmeal, whole-grain cereals or whole-grain bagels and toast. They have more fiber and will help keep you full longer. Plus, choosing these has been shown to help kids concentrate and pay attention.

So what are you waiting for? Alongside that serving of milk, cheese or yogurt, make sure that you incorporate some veggies and whole grains in your family's breakfast meals. Let's do it!

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