Latin slow cooker: 6 Super surprising recipes!

You all know by now that I'm pretty obsessed with my slow cooker. There's honestly nothing I love more than setting up a slow cooker picadillo, Cuban chicken fricassee, low-calorie pernil or any other dinner recipe in the morning and then coming back to a delicious-smelling house with a freshly made meal for my family.

Well, after searching for the perfect recipe to bring you today, I realized that the BEST kind of recipe is the one that you'll never see coming. That's how I found these 6 super surprising Latin slow cooker recipes that are going to blow your mind. I guarantee you'll love these! Trust me on this one. Your belly will thank you.

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Add Comment Which of these Latin slow cooker recipes are you most excited to try?
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Add Comment Which of these Latin slow cooker recipes are you most excited to try?

I need to try those apple butter rolls ;)

I would love to try all these slow cooker recipes BUT I have yet to find a slow cooker that actually cooks slow and cooks at a very hot temp even when set to low.  I have bought, tried, then sold at garage sales 'cause I can't find the perfect one.  My last one boiled the stew right over the top and onto my counter.  Thankfully, I got home in time to turn it off before it burned down my home!  Please help me find a slow cooking slow cooker.  Thanks

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